Labour law
Social protection law


Proven expertise in training

The Firm regularly organises training sessions on all topics of labour law and social protection law, for specialists and non-specialists alike, whether HRDs, HRMs, lawyers, Legal Departments, legal assistants, etc.

Anne Leleu-Eté and her partners have proven expertise in training.

Anne has been working since 2015 for the COMUNDI group on topics such as the Works Council, Staff Delegates and the Disciplinary Power of the employer.

With previous law firms, Anne also provided many training courses on a variety of topics such as “Human resources and skills planning (GPEC) and techniques to anticipate the employment protection plan”, “Non-discrimination and inequalities of treatment”, “Occupational illness and work accidents” or “Vocational training and the CPF”.


To provide this training, the Firm relies on the following principles:

  • A method combining theory and pragmatism, for training that is useful and reusable in practice;
  • Content adjusted to the needs and expectations of participants, by adapting programmes prior to the training;
  • Establishment of a timetable of next steps in the event a project is implemented following the training session;
  • Optional: distribution of templates/models, if compatible with the training and desired by the Client;
  • Optional: monitoring of the timetable and finalising of the proposed models.

Rates and practical arrangements

The prices of our training sessions are defined in conjunction with the Client:

  • An hourly rate for training courses of less than half a day, or on a half-day or full-day basis for longer courses;
  • An hourly rate for training courses of less than half a day, or on a half-day or full-day basis for longer courses;
  • Identical pricing regardless of the number of participants;
  • Payment terms defined by agreement between the Firm and the Client.The training takes place in our premises in Paris or in any other venue chosen by the Client in France or abroad if necessary.

Our training courses

Current topics:

  • The reform of the Labour Code: review of the Macron Ordinances
  • Staff representative bodies in the light of the Macron Ordinances
  • The whistle-blower since the Sapin II Law
  • Right to disconnect and “digital detox”
  • Legal and jurisprudential news
  • Compliance of HR departments with GDPR

Recurring themes:

  • Understanding the main rules of labour law
  • Teleworking: conditions and practical implications
  • The disciplinary power of the employer
  • URSSAF inspections

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the dates of upcoming events or for queries about a particular topic that might not be mentioned here.