Our expertise in social security law

URSSAF inspections

Our firm assists its clients in all stages of URSSAF inspections, by making contact with the inspection agent if necessary. As soon as the inspection opinion is issued at the end of the inspection, the members of our team analyse, criticise and rework each potential adjustment item (work-related expenses, service providers, company vehicles, declaration prior to hiring (DPAE), etc.) and help our clients set up their file so as to be able to provide an optimum response during the inspection and limit the risks of adjustment. Upon receipt of the observation letter, our firm then assists its clients in all stages of the pre-litigation procedure and potentially the litigation.

Financial solidarity and vigilance of the principal

The firm assists its clients (particularly in the construction industry, but not exclusively), with any adjustments related to the application of the provisions on vigilance and financial solidarity of the principal. Cases in which temporary employment companies are used may also give rise to such situations.

Illness and Work Stoppage

Our firm specializes in analyzing work stoppage cases and files where social security beneficiaries face challenges in receiving compensation from the health insurance fund (CPAM) or from provident institutions.

Work-related accidents and occupational diseases

Our firm helps employers anticipate issues relating to work-related accidents and occupational diseases. These areas are complex and varied, and it is essential to be accompanied by a specialist who can best anticipate risks and who is up to date on occupational health issues. In these situations, building a case during the contract is essential to limit the risk of subsequent conviction either before a court of justice or the industrial tribunal.

Supplementary health insurance and personal protection schemes

Thanks to its expertise in both labour law and social security law, our team is able to advise employers on all matters relating to personal protection and supplementary health insurance, both from the point of view of labour law (relations with the employee and setting up the scheme) and from the point of view of URSSAF risk that may be associated with it. This risk, which is often overlooked, is nevertheless present, and can affect all companies, for large adjustment amounts.

Incentives and profit-sharing

The firm is regularly asked by its clients to assist with setting up or the practical implementation of employee savings schemes. In particular, incentive and profit-sharing schemes, although they have been promoted by the government in recent years and appear to be simple to set up, are nonetheless risky in view of the favourable social security and tax systems attached to them. It is essential to be assisted by an expert who will be able to confirm that the scheme envisaged is both suitable for the company and is a scheme that is valid in its form but also in its content, in order to limit the risk of adjustment.

Severance payments for termination of the employment contract

Terminations of employment contracts and disputes give rise to a number of questions concerning severance payments. Finding your way among the various types of social security and tax systems attached to each termination method is sometimes challenging. Our team can clarify all these points in a simple and pragmatic way.

The employment agency (Pôle Emploi) and unemployment benefit

Our clients consult us on the impact of their situation on the employment agency (Pôle Emploi), whether they are executives (combining employment contracts and corporate offices, for example), or employees whose employment contract has been terminated and who are wondering whether they should accept a redundancy support agreement (CSP), for example, or a settlement. Employees taking over or setting up a business who wish to anticipate their rights and obligations towards this organisation also have every interest in consulting us.

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