A method adapted to your constraints

Our firm works with all types of clients.

Very Small Enterprises (TPE)
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with or without a Works Council (CSE)
And major groups, which may be listed in the CAC 40

Our points of contact are varied.

Business leaders
Human Resources Managers (RRH)
Human Resources Departments (DRH)
Administrative and Financial Directors (DAF)

Your constraints

We are familiar with the constraints of companies. We make every effort to provide you with a response that is:

Adapted to the company
Comprehensible, even for professionals who do not have legal training.

With more than 15 years' experience providing services for our clients, we know that it is essential that our deliverables meet their expectations and needs, without ever neglecting the technical aspects of our subject matter.

Our method

We have therefore created a tailor-made working method, which allows us to offer our clients deliverables adapted to their needs, using several simple steps.


First contact with our clients

The first contact with our clients is by telephone, videoconference or an in-person appointment.

We discuss the background to the request, the company's business, the corporate climate, and all the components of the situation that could have a direct or indirect impact on the issue presented to us.

Our goal is to be able to respond to the request from a legal point of view, and get a sufficiently broad overview of the issue to adapt our recommendations to our client's actual situation (employment issues, financial issues, or any other parameter).

During this initial meeting, we set out in detail our working methods, introduce our team members and take stock of the expected deliverables as well as the expected deadline for delivery.

Written confirmation of our discussion

Our initial discussion is always confirmed in writing, by means of an email in which we recall the terms of our proposal both with regard to finances and deliverables, and, if applicable, the predefined schedule.

Once our involvement has been validated, an assignment letter or fee agreement is signed.



Request for documents

Depending on our assignment, we sometimes need our client to send us documents relating to their situation.

At the start of the assignment, we send the client a list of documents and information to be provided to us.

The documents sent are analysed by our team, and it is important that they are filed carefully and in advance to save time and so that we can focus our efforts on the essentials.

The clearer and more precise the filing is, the shorter the delivery deadline!

See the "right method" to send us your documents!

Return of the deliverable

Our deliverables

You can request our assistance with any type of written document, such as:

Employment contracts
Information memos
Legal consultation on a specific topic
Collective bargaining agreements
Practical guides and internal policies
Litigation documents
Oral presentations
Webinars, videoconferences

Each client has their own format

The form of our deliverables is predefined with our client, and may be more or less comprehensive or detailed, according to their needs.

From a quick response by phone or email to a complex legal consultation, the client chooses the form in which our response will be delivered:

  • Computer graphics
  • Short and summary answer by email ("bullet points") without legal references
  • Email with legal references
  • PowerPoint presentations, for clients who are more comfortable with this tool or who wish to be able to easily convey the information to a third party
  • Quick consultation in Word format with legal references
  • Full consultation in Word format with legal references
  • Prepared document template with comments in the margin

Our firm's fees take into account the form and complexity of the deliverable requested!

Of course, we can also give oral feedback to our clients, by phone or videoconference. Our firm also offers a specific subscription for this type of deliverable.

Content of our deliverables: our method based on legal design

The content of our deliverables is always considered with a view to clarity, accessibility and pragmatism.

Our goal: to give our clients a response in just a few minutes, by allowing them to:

Quickly and easily find the information they are looking for
LQuickly read information
Quickly understand information
Remember key messages
Understand how our recommendations can be translated into practice/div>

How? Either by means of a short and summarised deliverable format (for example an email in "bullet points"), or by means of a document designed to be read in two stages, the first a quick reading to understand the key ideas of our reasoning and the essential points, and a second reading to examine in-depth the points and legal issues that we have raised.



Sending of the deliverable and client feedback

Once our deliverable is completed, we send it to our client and ask for feedback by phone or videoconference, when necessary, to answer any questions and close the assignment.

Your deadlines are our priority! When we commit to a delivery deadline, unless there are unforeseen circumstances or a change to the assignment in progress, we ensure that we meet our commitments. In all cases, the client is kept informed at each stage of the process.

Our team is with you every step of the way!

Our task does not end here

If your project warrants it, or if our assignment was the first step in a larger project or the implementation of a procedure, we will incorporate important dates into our in-house schedule and follow up to ensure that the operational implementation of our recommendations does not pose difficulties.

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