Our expertise in litigation

The Firm accompanies its clients in all the litigation cases entrusted to it, before all the courts dealing with labour law and social security law (industrial tribunal, court of justice, administrative court).

There are many types of litigation. We can cite the following examples:

Disputes over dismissal and, more generally, termination of the employment contract

The Firm defends employers in the event of disputes arising from dismissal for personal or disciplinary reasons and more broadly in the event of termination of the employment contract contested by an employee.

Recording of termination of the employment contract and court-ordered termination

In the event of recording of termination of the employment contract due to the fault of the employer, or in the event of a request for court-ordered termination based on grievances against the employer, the Firm assists its clients to prepare the file and support the interests of the latter before the Industrial Tribunal.

Psychological harassment

With extensive experience in this area, members of the Firm assist their clients with cases of psychological harassment, requests related to this situation and in particular in the event of the need to set up investigations, or to respond to requests for damages, null and void dismissal, etc.

Collective litigation following redundancies for economic reasons

The Firm implements collective redundancy procedures for economic reasons with its clients. The Firm supports, if necessary, the interests of its clients in the context of the procedure, in the pre-litigation phase before the DIRECCTE (Regional Department of Enterprise, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment) or in the event of dispute before the Administrative Court or, in the event of dispute before the Industrial Tribunal in order to defend cases and respond to any claims for compensation by employees.

Protected employees

The specific situation of protected employees can give rise to a number of difficulties. In the event of modification or termination of the employment contract in particular, the Firm assists its clients both in pre-litigation before the labour inspectorate and then the Minister of Labour and before the administrative court.

Inexcusable fault

The Firm deals with applications for recognition of inexcusable fault by the employer made before the court of justice, whether they are independent or initiated in parallel with an industrial tribunal dispute.

Litigation with CPAM (health insurance fund)

In case of recognition of occupational disease or work-related accident, the Firm defends its clients in order to enable them to reduce the risks of conviction and the costs related to such situations.

Experts of the CSE (Social and Economic Committee)

The Firm is able to assist its clients in managing any difficulties encountered in appointing experts by the CSE.

Litigation with the URSSAF (Union for the recovery of social security and family allowance contributions)

The Firm is able to assist employers or the self-employed in litigation with the URSSAF. Whether with regard to adjustment or, less conventionally, in the case of unpaid outstanding amounts, disputes are numerous and are always dealt with meticulously and quickly. In the event of appeal against an order to pay, very short deadlines are always respected.

Working time and overtime

The Firm defends employers against whom claims are made with the aim of challenging working time. In particular, the Firm deals with applications for overtime pay and applications relating to fixed number of days worked.

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