Training - CSE (Social and Economic Committee), organising staff representative elections

The organisation of staff representative elections is a very important time in companies.

This relatively formal process is mandatory when the company has more than 11 employees and the associated risks may seem insurmountable.

Our team, specialised in the implementation of electoral processes within our clients’ companies, accompanies you for a day dedicated to helping you master each step of the process.


Calculate the company’s workforce.

Identify needs when setting up elections

Understand the different stages of staff representative elections: preparation, organisation and monitoring

Anticipate litigation and risky stages.

Who can benefit?

Whether you are a business manager, human resources manager or a jurist within a company, this training may be right for you.

Training pre-programme

1) Introduction

2) Calculation of the workforce

3) Physical organisation and drafting of the pre-electoral memorandum of understanding

4) The different stages of staff representative elections

5) Anticipating electoral disputes


On site, the structure of the company can be analysed upstream so that we can give you practical advice on trouble-free organisation of your elections.

This training course can be combined with training on the role and remit of the Social and Economic Committee

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