Training - Health Act: many changes for employers

Since the national inter professional agreement (ANI) of 9 December 2020, many developments were expected concerning the protection of workers' health and the prevention of occupational risks.

The Health Act of 2 August 2021, supplemented by implementing decrees, entered into force on 31 March 2022 and provides for a number of new obligations for companies and changes to be planned.

Our team takes stock of the innovations that you must anticipate in the daily management of your employees regarding the protection of their health and the prevention of occupational risks.


Know the new obligations regarding medical examinations

Understand the innovations to be put in place concerning documents relating to risk prevention (DUERP, PAPRIPACT, etc.).

Anticipate future requests regarding the training of elected officials


Whether you are a business manager, human resources manager or a jurist within a company, this training may be right for you.

Training pre-programme

1) Introduction

2) Expansion of risk prevention obligations

3) Training obligations for staff representatives on health and safety at work

4) Negotiation obligations regarding working conditions

5) Medical monitoring of workers

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