Training - Working time

Working time is one of the most technical aspects of employment law. This is also one of the most contentious issues.

It is therefore essential to master this subject in order to correctly choose the type of working time arrangement that is appropriate for the company and the position held by the employee, and to limit risks.

Our team discusses with you the different ways of arranging working time and the main principles to be respected.


Know the rules for implementing fixed number of days over the year agreements

Draft a collective agreement to put in place fixed number of days agreements

Draw up individual fixed number of days agreements

Monitor the workload of employees.

Who can benefit?

Whether you are a business manager, human resources officer or a jurist within a company, this training may be right for you.

Training pre-programme

1) Introduction

2) Implementing fixed number of days agreements

3) Drafting the individual fixed number of days agreement

4) Monitoring working time in practice

5) Integrating the risks of litigation and sanctions


On site, this training course can be combined with an upstream study of the company's practices and passing on dedicated recommendations as part of the training day.

Collective agreements are also analysed beforehand to include, if necessary, the specificities related to any working time arrangements that may be applicable.

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