Internal survey: call on Axel Avocats, a certified law firm, to carry it out!

There are two reasons why an internal survey is now mandatory for companies:

  • Firstly, because it makes it possible to identify, understand and manage internal incidents and problems, and can therefore be useful for validating internal processes and/or pinpointing any malfunctions.

In this context, it is of particular importance in preserving the company's reputation, ethics and legal compliance;

  • Secondly, because it has gradually become compulsory in the light of case law on moral or sexual harassment, which now requires an internal investigation to be carried out whenever a complaint is made that could lead to a finding of harassment.

In this context, the conduct of an investigation by a lawyer is a guarantee of seriousness and objectivity that cannot be achieved through an investigation conducted by internal players.

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Why call on Axel Avocats to conduct your internal survey?

When it comes to conducting an internal investigation, involving a lawyer is not just an option, it can be a strategic and wise choice!

Companies benefit from the expertise and perspective of our lawyers throughout this process.

Did you know?

Anne Leleu-Eté, a partner in our firm, is one of the first class of lawyers in 2023 / 2024 to benefit from certification training!

Legal expertise :

  • In-depth knowledge: we have precise knowledge of French legislation, particularly in the fields of employment and social law;
  • Compliance: we guide the survey so that it scrupulously complies with legal standards, thereby minimising any legal risk. We also guarantee compliance with survey regulations, scrupulously following the Labour Code and CNIL regulations;
  • Designing the procedure: with our expertise, we are able to design and structure the survey in such a way as to obtain accurate and reliable results in order to limit any subsequent litigation risks.

Confidentiality :

  • Protection of information: we put in place measures to ensure that sensitive data and information gathered during the investigation remains confidential.
  • Solicitor-client privilege: exchanges between the company and our firm are protected by professional secrecy.

Impartiality and objectivity: :

  • Outside view: as an external player, we provide a neutral and impartial viewpoint, ensuring that the investigation is carried out without bias or prejudice, in complete independence.
  • Integrity of the process: our neutrality reinforces the credibility of the investigation, assuring stakeholders that the process is fair and transparent.

Strategic advice :

  • Risk assessment: beyond the investigation itself, we assess the long-term implications of the findings and can make recommendations.
  • Preventive recommendations: depending on the type of investigation set up, we can suggest preventive measures or training to avoid similar incidents in the future.

To sum up, calling in a lawyer to carry out an internal investigation is not just a question of legal compliance. It is also a way of ensuring that the investigation is carried out with the utmost integrity, impartiality and professionalism.

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