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Social protection law

Terms of Service

The Firm proposes different service conditions depending on the type of dossier entrusted to it and after consultation with the Client.
The Firm proposes a fee agreement prior to the provision of any services in order to define its terms of service.
Billing is regular and transparent so that the Client is kept precisely informed about the work done.

Fixed price
Here, a predefined price is defined for a one-off service. The fixed price may be combined with a success fee, if the service justifies it, either in relation to savings made or financial gains obtained thanks to our services.
Time spent
The Firm proposes services that are billed on the basis of time spent, applying an hourly or daily rate. This billing method is appropriate, in particular, for regular services or services which cannot be predefined. The Firm can provide a fee schedule upon request.
In the case of recurrent services, the Firm may offer subscription billing. The subscription is freely defined according to the requirements of the Client and allows the Client to benefit from regular, flexible assistance.